We use high quality OEM  replacements using only  American made glass and factory molding for the very  finest quality.

Professional repairs  using high strength resins  can prevent costly replacements and  ours are backed by a  lifetime warranty.

Our certified technicians will come to you at your convenience! Repairs and replacements have a safe drive away time of 1 hour or less. ​​​​

We are a team of industry experts

Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality auto glass service in the greater Houston area. We care about your vehicle and want to ensure all of your needs are met. Our mobile service will guarantee that Safe Tech is the most convenient solution to all of your auto glass needs.

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Your windshield is an extremely important safety device, invest in it

Most consumers are unaware that the windshield is one of the most important safety features in there vehicle. Not only does 40-70% of your roof strength come from the windshield in case of rollover, but the passenger airbags depend on the windshield for safe deployment. Airbags deploy at close to 200 MPH and a compromised windshield or improper installation can be deadly.

According to ABC’s 20/20 and Fox News investigators, 80% of windshield replacements are done incorrectly, leading to a damaged vehicle with rust and leakage. In some cases if the bonding is done incorrectly the windshield can be ejected upon collision, allowing passengers to be thrown from the vehicle. Safe Tech spares no expense on the proper materials and spends ample time to ensure a quality job from start to finish.

To prevent a costly replacement and keep the factory urethane seal on your vehicle, our mobile repair shop can fix your rock damage in minutes. Most repairs are completed at no cost through most full coverage insurance and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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